Add custom fields for newsletter contacts

Before importing the contacts, it is necessary to determine the fields that will be needed to filter them. These fields are called custom fields. They can also be used to collect additional information about the contacts. By default, the only mandatory field is the email address.

Add a field

To add additional custom fields, click the "Contacts" menu and click the "Custom Fields" tab. Click the "Add custom field" button in the left column.


Fill out the field creation form with the following information:

Option Description
Label Field Label
Technical name name used in the database (without spaces or special characters). Filled automatically.

the type of field (text, email, date, checkbox, etc)

Description will be displayed in the list of fields
Help will be displayed by clicking on the "help" button in the field.
Required field will be mandatory
Character limit Default set to 100. Can be changed
Visible on the contact's profile will be displayed on the public profile and can be modified
Visible in the Interests section (check boxes) will be in the Interests section on the public profile

When finished, click "Add Custom Field". 

Once you have determined what your custom fields are, you can import your contacts.

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