Understanding the Newsletter Dashboard

When logging into your account, you will be directed to the Newsletters application's dashboard. This page allows you to see a quick summary of your account information. 



The dashboard serves as a summary and quick access to the main elements.

Recent Newsletters

This section allows you to see the statistics of the last 5 newsletters sent:

  • Number of recipients
  • Number and rate of openings
  • Number and rate of bounces (invalid mailings)
  • Number and rate of unsubscribers
  • Number and rate of spam

Select a newsletter from the list to view more details and its content.


This section contains a list of newsletters awaiting validation, if applicable.

The validation function is not available for all Yapla customers. Please contact the support team to access this feature.


In this section you will find contact information:

  • Valid contacts
  • Tacits contacts
  • Confirmed contacts (Opt-ins and double Opt-in)
  • Unsubscribed contacts
  • Invalid contacts (bounces)

Quick actions 

In this section, find direct links for creating a newsletter or campaign.

My account

This section contains information about your account and contact information

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