Login module

The "Login" module of the "Website" application allows members of your organization to log in to your website. A logged-in member can access its Member Area or other pages reserved for logged-in members.

Integrate the module to a web page

In the "Website" application, choose a page from your website or create a new page. Once the page is chosen, select an area to add the "Login" module of the "Website" application.


In the module configuration, you can choose a redirection page. The selected page is displayed as soon as the member is connected. 


By default, the Connection module allows the connection of Yapla members, but you can also choose to allow the connection of contacts by checking the "Allow connection to non-member contacts" option.

Once the configuration is complete, click Save.

You can include your page containing the "Connection" module in your menu, but you can also choose to display it on the header of your website.

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