Classification of accounting by project

Depending on your organization, the configuration of accounting positions may not be sufficient to structure your revenues as they are organized in your general ledger. Yapla has thought of you and allows you to add Accounting Projects to segment your revenues.


Add projects

(Accounting > Settings > Projects > Add Project).

When adding a project, 3 points are to be configured : 

  • Active: by checking this box, the project will be available in the configuration of each rate. If the box is unchecked, the project will not be visible in the dropdown list. 
  • Name: the name of the accounting item as it will appear in the different applications and reports.
  • Description: although optional, this field allows you to specify the use of each project



Configure a fee with a project

When a project is created and is active, a new field appears at the rate setup step. Below is an example of how to set up a paid membership : 


A fee is now configurable in two points at the accounting level: the income account and the project. All combinations are now possible. 


View projects in accounting reports

When a project has been activated and at least one transaction has been made in a project-related rate, a new column will be available in the reports below: 

List of sales by accounting items 

Accounting > Reporting > Sales by accounting items 


Ledger / list of entries

Accounting > Accounting > Ledger 



Accounting > Accounting > Consolidation

Each accounting/project line item combination corresponds to a line in this report.


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