Customize page 404

Page 404 will be displayed if a page error cannot be found. It is now possible to have a personalized page, with the colors of your site.

Create a new page

Create a new page in your website and give it the name of your choice. Make sure that in the page's advanced parameters, the option "Don't display this page in your web site menu" is checked. 


In an article on your page, display the error message you wish to see displayed. For example :

The page you are looking for does not exist.
Click here to return to the home page.

In addition to the text, you can put there all the modules you want, for example a menu, your latest news, articles or images. 

Here's an example of a customized 404 page:


Activate page 404

Once the page is created, open the "Parameters" section of your website. In the section "Page to display in case of 404 error", select your page and click the Save button.



THIS IS IMPORTANT : You should not use a regular page or the home page of the site because this page will return a 404 error and therefore will not be referenced. Your 404 page must be a page whose only function is to warn people visiting your website that the page they are looking for does not exist. 


Test the display

To test the display of the error page, create an invalid url, by adding additional text at the end of an existing url in your address base (for example:


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