Single article


The single article module allows you to display one of your articles on a page of your website.


Module configuration

Articles Displayed

Option Description
Use as a container The module does not display an article, but rather acts as a container.
Category Allows you to select from which categories the articles displayed in this module come from.
News Allows you to select the displayed article among those of the chosen category.
Edit the article Link to the "Articles" tab of the "Website" application.


Elements on detail view

Allows you to choose which elements of the displayed article will be visible from the detail page of the article in question. Select one or more elements.


Call to Action

Option Description
Label for View All link. The caption will be the word clickable to bring you to the page that contains all the articles.


Linked Articles

Option Description

Allows you to select the location of the block with articles related to the displayed article:

  • Do not display: no block of "related articles" appears on the page.
  • Bottom: the block appears under the single article
  • Top: the block appears above the single article
  • Right: the block appears to the right of the single article
  • Left: the block appears to the left of the single article
Block Title

Allows you to name the block presenting articles related to the displayed article

Selection criteria for linked articles

Allows you to choose where the linked articles come from by selecting one or both of the following options. 

  • Category
  • Keywords

The linked articles will be those, among your published articles, of the same category and/or keywords.

Elements displayed

Allows you to choose which elements of the linked articles are displayed:

  • Creation date
  • Name of the author
  • Category
  • Keywords
Number of news

Allows you to choose the number of linked articles displayed in the block.

Number of articles with photo Allows you to restrict the number of articles with photos.
Number of columns Allows you to choose the number of columns in the block.


Once the configurations have been made, simply click "Save". Your article is now available on your page. 

Note: By default, linked articles are sorted from newest to oldest.

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