Password security

The Yapla Platform ensures that passwords remain secure. All passwords are encrypted and protected. No one is able to view passwords, including Yapla’s teams. When you forget your password, you must reset it.

There are two types of Yapla users. 

Platform users

To reset a Yapla user's password, you must go to the person's profile in your list of users and initiate a password reset. An email will be sent to the user inviting them to choose a new password. Users can also use the password reset function from the login page. 

Reset a Yapla user’s password

Your organization’s members and contacts

There are multiple types of Yapla users. They can be members, donors, participants at your events, and other type of contact. These contacts’ passwords allow them to log into your website, built with Yapla.

You can modify passwords by following the instructions below. Note that, anytime a password is reset, it is best to ask the user to change it.

Manage your contacts’ passwords


Passwords are always encrypted and cannot be viewed once they have been created.



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