Validate a newsletter

This feature is available only for account with more than 50000 contacts.

To access this feature, please contact our support team.

Yapla Newsletter offers an advanced validation system that is useful to validate that each email respects your brand image.

A completed newsletter is sent for validation. The validation process allows an administrator to receive an email containing the newsletter. The administrator can then validate or reject it. If validation is required, the newsletter cannot be sent until it is approved.

Validation of the newsletter

In the Newsletters application, choose the newsletter you wish to validate.

Sending the validation request

Click on "Send for validation"


Confirm the validation by clicking on "Send".

Click on "Cancel" if you wish to continue working on the newsletter. 


Answer the validation request

A validation email is sent to users defined by the account administrator. Unlike users, administrators do not receive the validation email, but can also accept or reject the newsletter.

In the newsletter details, administrators and users responsible for validation have 3 options available in the left menu:

  • Request a reminder: Send a new validation request
  • Validate the newsletter: Send the newsletter (will be sent later if the sending date is in the future)
  • Reject the newsletter: the newsletter will not be sent and returns to edit mode. The validation agent has the possibility to leave a comment on the reason for the rejection.

Viewing validations

On the "Newsletter" dashboard, you can quickly see the status of the newsletters under validation.


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