My Groups module

The "My Groups" module allows you to create a connected page for members according to their group(s) belonging.

This module works with custom groups and system groups and allows you to determine which group has access to which function. 

This module can be useful, for example, to create a zone for members of a board of directors, a place of exchange for a specific topic, a zone for participants of an event, etc.

This article contains:

  • Activate groups and media
  • Add the module to a web page
  • Configure the tabs of the "My Groups" module: Description, Forum, Event, News, Members, Documents

Activate the groups function

In your account's Settings, select the "Services" menu and verify that the following services are enabled:

  • Media
  • Groups



Create a "My Groups" page

Create a web page on your Yapla site. Select a zone and add the "My Groups" module of the "Contacts" application.


Configure the module

Select the groups you want to involve in the module. The scrolling list allows you to choose one or more of them from the list of your custom groups and system groups. System groups include membership types, donation campaigns, events, objects from the Data application, etc.



Then, select which tabs you want to activate in your module. You can choose the order in which the tabs appear. Use the  mceclip4.png button to drag the tabs and change the order.

Activate group description

Activate this tab to display a description of the group. Currently this is only available for custom groups.




The description is configured in the settings of your custom group.


Enable the discussion board

You can also add a discussion board. Configure it according to your preferences by checking the boxes that activate various functions:


For the message tracking, there are 2 messages that can be configured in the Members application:

  • New forum message
  • New forum comment

Enable events

It is possible to post upcoming meetings and gatherings of the group. 


Choose a group and all events associated with that group will be displayed on the web page. The association of groups to an event can be configured in Events by inserting the group in the "Categorization" menu. 

Clicking on the event will apply the event registration process (including communications).



Also choose the number of events displayed on the page.

It is also possible to pre-register members of a group for a free event by checking the box in the module configuration.



If the members of a group are pre-registered, they will be able to view it on their "My Groups" page.


Enable news

It is possible to publish news reserved for a group. 

Choose how your articles are presented by selecting the fields :



Associate articles to groups in the configuration of the article itself. All articles associated with the group will appear in the module.


It is also possible for group members to add articles, which are then created with the group.

To delete or un-publish an article, go to the "Articles" tab of the "Website" application.

Activate documents

You can also publish documents in one of the tabs. It is also possible to allow group members to publish documents.



Once uploaded, they are available in the media list available from the your account's Settings.


This is where you can add, delete and associate them to particular groups.


Activate the members list

It is possible to display the list of group members and configure the table fields that will be displayed on the web page.



Do not forget

If events and articles are used in the "My Groups" module, it is essential that general account news and events have a group too, otherwise events in the My Groups module will end up in the Public site.


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