How retroactive grace and membership periods work

Through the Members / Settings / Membership settings / Validation process menu, it is possible to configure the grace period for expired memberships and the retroactive membership period.



Grace Period for Expired Memberships

The grace period is the number of days that a member retains privileges even if his or her membership has expired.

For example, the member still has access to all the pages of the member area of the organization's website and can take advantage of special rates on events. However, when renewing his membership, the calculation of the renewal price uses the end date of the last membership.

Therefore, he does not pay less even if he renews late.

Retroactive membership period

The Retroactive Membership Period defines the number of days that a member whose membership has expired must retroactively pay for the renewal of his or her membership.

When the retroactive period is over, the member is treated as a new member.

For example, if you have a fee for opening a file for new members, a member whose retroactive membership period has expired will have to pay it again.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change the length of my grace period after I start renewals?
Yes, you can change the grace period at any time. However, the change will not apply to memberships that have already expired.

Can a member whose membership has expired log into my site?
An inactive member can log in at any time. However, he will only have access to his profile and membership renewal.



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