Activate members awaiting payment

For all types of validation, if the member has chosen a payment method other than credit card, the membership will be in status "Pending Payment", until the payment is received and then validated by your organization. 

By default, a member waiting for payment will be inactive and will not be able to take advantage of the benefits reserved for members (preferential rates, display in the directory, pages reserved for members, etc). With the Premium plan, you can make your members active even if they have "Pending payment" status. 

If you would like to have members awaiting payment as active members and have the same benefits as members with a validated membership, go to the Members application's settings and then to the "Memberships" menu.


Select the "Validation Process" tab. This page allows you to configure the general validation process for your memberships.


In the "Workflow Options" section of the page, check the "Activate Members waiting for payment" box.


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