Restrict page access to connected people

Yapla offers the possibility of allowing only connected users access to specific web pages. This restricts access to certain pages to non-members and offer content reserved for active members or event participants.

See our online help article to learn how to allow members to log in to your website.

Configuring a web page with restricted access

In the Website application, choose your website and the page whose access you want to modify. 

The access of a web page can be customized in the sub-menu "Configuration", in the section "Access".


Simply check the box "Restrict page access to connected persons" to activate the function.

In addition to restricting access to certain web pages by logging in, Yapla offers the possibility to limit access through custom groups.

If a user tries to access a page whose access is restricted, he will be automatically directed to the login page displaying an error message. If he has an account, he will be able to log in and then access the page in question.


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