Add the login module to the header of a website

The "Website" application's Login module allows members and/or contacts of your organization to connect to your website. You can configure the page containing the module so that it is displayed in the header of your site.

Display the Login button in the header of your website

You may decide to display the login page in the header rather than in the main menu of your website.


First, to remove the page from the menu, choose your page containing the login module and then the "Configuration" sub-menu. In the "Access" section, check the option "Do not display this page in the menu of your website".


Click on mceclip2.png.

Then, in the master page of your site, edit the "Header" module to activate the "Login" section.

Choose the page containing your Login module and choose to display the different options available:

The links "Renew my membership" and "Become a member" can be displayed in the header of your web site. It is also possible to choose to display the member's name once he is logged in.


Click on Save.

Once your Login module is configured, your members can log in directly from your site and access their Member Section or the pages reserved for connected members


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