Form contexts for the Events application

Yapla allows you to customize the assignment of different forms in the Events application to different usage contexts for both your website and your Yapla Platform. 

By default, when you create a new event, the same form is associated with all its usage contexts. However, it is easy to adapt them to your needs.

For example, you can create a simplified form for your website and a more complex form with additional fields used only for back-office management.

How contexts work

You must create your forms before you can assign them to different contexts. The different forms can be created and modified in the "Forms" submenu of the "Forms" page of your event. You do not have to create a different form for each context, since you can assign a form to multiple contexts, depending on your needs.


Configure the assignment of your Event forms in the "Contexts" tab.


Contexts are always separated into 2 environments: Your website corresponds to your public website and Yapla corresponds to the back-office part, accessible only through your Yapla account. 

Forms used in the website

The first section of the page allows you to modify the contexts of forms displayed when participants register online on the public web page of one of your events.

Under each context, a field allows you to select a form among those created in the "Forms" submenu.

It is possible to assign a different form for the registration of a participant, the registration of an additional participant and a registration manager.

Choose which form will be presented when registering for your events on the web page.

When you have completed your selection, click on the Save button to save your changes.

  • Participant registration : 
    • If the registration manager mode is enabled: context used if the registration manager participates
    • If registration manager mode is not enabled: context used for participants
    • If the option "Simplified registration form for additional participants" is not enabled: context used for all participants
  • Simplified registration for additional participants : 
    • Context used only if the option "Simplified registration form for additional participants" is activated: it applies from participant number 2 onwards
  • Person responsible for the registration : 
    • Context used only if the mode "registration manager" is activated: it applies to the registration manager who does not participate. 


Forms used in the Yapla Platform

The second section, allows you to assign different forms that allow your registration management within Yapla. This is the back-office section, accessible only through your Yapla account.

These forms are displayed both when registering new participants via Yapla and when displaying information for already registered participants accessible to your NPO's administrators. 

As in the previous section, for each context, select the desired form in the drop-down list and click on "Save".


  • Adding a new registration: context used when adding a participant

  • Editing a registration: context used when editing a participant's form

  • Viewing a registration: context used when viewing a participant record. By clicking on "modify", the "Edit registration" context applies.

  • Information of the registration manager: context used to display the information of the person in charge of the registration on the person in charge's file and also on the participant's file below the participant's information.

You can modify your contexts and forms at any time.

Contexts work the same for all Yapla applications that use forms (e.g. Members).

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • What forms will appear on my site if the "Registration manager" mode is enabled and the simplified registration form option for additional participants is activated?
    Let's imagine a scenario with 3 protagonists: Jess (registration manager who does not participate), John (participant 1) and Jane (participant 2).
    The "Person responsible for the registration" context applies to Jess, the "Participant registration" context applies to John and finally the "Simplified registration for additional participants" context applies to Jane.

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