Create and send Donation receipts automatically

Yapla allows you to save time and simplify the management of receipts by creating them and automatically sending them to your donors.

Automation of Tax Receipts Creation

For receipts to be generated automatically, first make sure to customize the receipt template for your organization. Once this is done, you can set the automatic creation of receipts. To do this, select the your donation campaign then the "Donation Receipts" menu.


Once in this menu, choose the "Configuration" tab.


In the "Management of the receipts for single donations" section, select the option you want.

  • Create and send the receipts automatically. 
    You will find all the receipts in the "Donation receipts" menu. Your donors will receive them automatically if you put them as automatic communication attachments.

  • Create the receipts automatically without sending them 
    You will find all the receipts in the "Donation receipts" menu. You can download them to print them or send them one by one by email.

  • Generate receipts manually  
    You will be able to select the specific donations for which to create the receipts. You can print them or send them by email.


Please note, if you want to send a consolidated receipt (single receipt for all the donations made per contributor), you must leave the campaign in manual receipt generation. To see how to send a consolidated receipt, see this article

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