Send a newsletter to a temporary contact list

It happens that you have something to send that is out of the scope of your usual campaigns and that you do not have a filter defined for it or a criterion that brings them together in your contact database.

The solution is the creation of a Single mailing campaign!

Creation of a personalized field

First, add a custom field so that you can group the imported contacts under a common criterion and ultimately target them for your mailing.

Add a field in Contacts > Custom Fields > Add a custom field.


Then choose the Text type and name it: single mailing.


In the next step, fill in the descriptions and help messages (optional) which will be available to your contacts. Finally, save the field.


Creating a simple filter

Once your custom field is created, you need to create a basic filter. This filter targets our freshly created field and the value of the field will be our upload date.

For example, if we have a mailing for 2020-01-01, then the filter should look like this:


For example, apply the filter as equal to 2020-01-01.

This means that all contacts with the value "2020-01-01" will be included in this filter. 
Attention: You have to update this filter every time you send a new Single mailing.

Creation of the campaign

Now you need to create a campaign by applying your Single mailing filter as a target.

Importing contacts

Once the campaign is created and the targets are updated, you can update your contact database by making sure you have your Single mailing column and the value determined in your simple filter: Single mailing.

Your Excel file should look like this:


Sending the newsletter 

Your contacts are imported, your campaign created, you can now create your newsletter and send it to your list!

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