Add a photo slider on a web page

By default, Yapla does not allow you to create a photo album via the Website application. However, there are many free tools that allow you to meet this need and create a photo album that will integrate perfectly with your Yapla website.  

Add an album from Google Photos

1. Create a Google Photos album

Connect to your google account or create one if the association does not have one. It's free and it will allow you to benefit from Google's services which can be practical in your daily life.

Go to the Google Photos application

On the top right click on create then album.

Give a title to your photo album then upload the photos by clicking on 'Add photos'.

That's it, your album is created! You still have to integrate it into your Yapla website.

2. Create a slider

To do so, click on the share symbol in the upper right corner and then on 'Create a link' in the lower left corner of the window that just opened.

Copy the generated link and go to :

Scroll down the page to the section below:

Paste the previously copied link inside the field and click on the purple 'Create embed code' button.

If necessary change the configuration and click on 'Copy code to dashboard'.


3. Integrate a slider to your Yapla website

Now it's time to go to your Yapla account.

Go to the Website application then select the page where you want to add the slider and in the part where the slider should appear click on source and paste the previously copied code.

All you have to do is save your changes and admire the work.

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