Contact History

The "Contact History" application allows you to get an overview of a contact's history in your organization. The history contains all the activities related to the contact's email address, whether it is the modification of the contact's record, the communications that are automatically sent to him or her, or the transactions that he or she has made.

To view a contact's history, simply select the contact in the Contacts list. Then choose the History page.


Communications History

The Communications History page displays all automatic communications sent or scheduled for this contact. It also allows you to resend the communication of your choice with a single click.

The information displayed by the history is complete and no communication is omitted!


History of changes to the Contact's record

You can also find the modified information on the Contact form and when the changes took place.


History of all transactions

It is also possible to view all the transactions carried out by the contact.

When a person registers for an event, if their email is attached to an existing contact, then their registration will automatically appear in their history. That is to say that if a contact buys an event ticket or makes a donation without having logged in, the contact's history will still show the registration or donation. 


Event history


The event history allows you to view all the events that the Contact has registered for.


Donation History

The donation history shows all donations that have been made with the email address of the contact.

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