Connect Hotjar with a website

Hotjar allows you to visualize how users interact with your site. Hotjar uses interactive maps of clicks and recordings of your users' sessions. The goal is to help you build an advanced, data-driven understanding of exactly what people use on your site and how they use it.

Create my Hotjar account

To get started, you need a Hotjar account. If you don't have a Hotjar account, go to their website and create a new account by entering the correct URL of your website. 

To find your URL, go to the Website application and click on the "Visit my site" button.


Your URL is located in the navigation bar of your browser.



You can then copy this URL and enter it when prompted in HotJar. Once registered, HotJar will give you a snippet of code that doesn't concern you, because Yapla has already taken care of that part! What you're interested in is the Site ID (will be found at the top or bottom of the code provided to you):



Enter my Site ID 

Once you have retrieved the Site ID, you can go back to the Yapla Website application, and then to the Tools section of your website.


Then enter the Site ID in the Hotjar Plugin section and that's it!


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