Add registration fees for participants


By default, registration for a peer-to-peer campaign is free of charge. However, you may decide to add a registration fee to cover your administrative costs, or the costs of organizing an event. Here's how to add a payment step to your registration form.

Add your campaign prices

Registration fees apply only to peer-to-peer campaigns. So make sure your campaign is participative (or P2P) first.

Then, from your Yapla Dashboard, go to the Donations feature, then click on Campaigns. Then choose the Price tile, in the Participants section at the bottom of your campaign page.


This takes you to a page at the bottom of which is the Add a Price button. By clicking on it, several fields are displayed:

  • Name: you can choose the name of the price. This name will then appear on the registration form. It can be a membership such as basic, premium or advanced: the choice is yours!
  • Description: this field is optional. However, if you opt for more than one price, it's a good idea to fill it in to explain what the participant is entitled to with each price.
  • Display order: this field lets you define which price comes first, which is displayed second, and so on. You can sort them by relevance, for example.
  • Price: this is the price itself. It can be 0. Enter only the number, without the currency: Yapla will generate it automatically.
  • Income account: this information is for your accounting purposes. It indicates in which account the income is allocated.


Once your price has been created, it appears in your registration form. If you create several prices, participants can choose the price they are most interested in.


Going further: creating a peer-to-peer campaign

If you've created a campaign to collect donations, but it's not peer-to-peer, registration fees cannot be added. But don't panic: you can edit your campaign even after it's been created! For step-by-step instructions, see our article Creating a participative (P2P) campaign.






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