Zone module types in newsletters

When creating content for your newsletter, you have access to several types of zones modules that allow you to display the content in different ways.



This is the most used module in this feature. It looks a lot like the WYSIWYG ("What you see is what you get") of the Website application.



Here are the different buttons/tools of the text editor:

  • Source: allows you to modify the HTML code of the zone
  • Cut-Copy-Paste: To copy text from a website or the software, use the Paste as plain text button. Use the Paste from Word buttons to clean up text from formatting that may conflict with the style of the newsletter.
  • Undo/Redo: allows you to correct an error
  • Find/Replace
  • Select all
  • Remove formatting: deletes all styles, without deleting the text
  • Bold/italic/underlined/barred
  • Enlarge: puts the editor in full-screen mode
  • Show blocks: allows seeing the delimitation of HTML elements
  • Numbered Lists/Bulleted Lists
  • Decrease shrinkage/Increase shrinkage: allows making indented lists
  • Align Left/Center/Align Right /Justify
  • Link/Remove link
  • Image: Use this button to add the image on the server and display it in the HTML area.
  • Table/Horizontal line/Insert special character
  • Text Color/Background Color: Use sparingly to ensure good text legibility.
  • Format: Titles, subtitles, paragraphs
  • Font/Size: Use in moderation to ensure good readability of the text.
  • Keywords: allows you to add a dynamic keyword, based on attributes (last name, first name, email, etc.)
  • Unsubscribe link: This allows the contact to unsubscribe himself from mailing lists.
  • Get double opt-in: Allows the contact to add themselves to double opt-in lists
  • Web version: Adds a link to the web version of the newsletter
  • Profile: Adds a link to this contact's campaign subscription profile

Be sure to save regularly, using the save button.


An area of your newsletter can also contain only one image.  It is possible to import an image with the HTML module as well but the Image module is easier to use:



The alternative text will be displayed if the image cannot be displayed and detected correctly if the newsletter is browsed by a screen review software (So very important for web accessibility).

The URL is an external link that will make the image in your newsletter clickable. This can be used among other things to lead to pages on your Yapla Website. 

The width is defined in pixels and is used to limit the width of your image. If the image is natively larger than its container, it should not exceed it, even if you don't define a size for your image.

The alignment allows you to display the image to the left, center or right.


Yapla Events and Articles

These modules allow you to display events and articles from Yapla. First, make sure to Synchronize Events and News with the Intelligent Newsletter.

Then choose the display mode. Refer to the Smart Newsletter Display Modes for more information.



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