Test your newsletters before sending them out

A good thing to do before sending newsletters is to test their presentation. Test filters allow you to send a test to more than one person at a time to make sure everything is in place. 

Setting up a test filter

Create a custom field

Create a custom field of type checkbox named for example "Test group".

To do this: choose the contact tab > custom field > green button in the menu on the left "Add custom field". Add the name and choose the checkbox. 

Then next, you can add a description or not and then click on "Add custom field".



Create a simple test filter

Then go to the basic filter tab. Click on the green button in the left menu "Create basic filter" with the following settings and save. 



To find your test filters, they all have the prefix (*) in the list of filters.

Establish your test contacts

You must then add your test contacts in the test filter, to do this, go to the contacts page, then to : 

  • Add a contact > Click on the green button "Create contact", check the box "Test group" and save it. 
  • Modify an existing contact > Click on the contact in question, then check the box "Test group" and save it. 



Sending a test

To send a newsletter to a test group, you must go to your newsletter, click on "Send a test" and select the test group. 


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