Associate new contacts to a filter

If you have created basic or advanced filters and want to assign them to new contacts, you have to import the information with the new contacts, they will be automatically added in the filters corresponding to their profile.

Filter with a system group

Filters using a Yapla system group are automatically updated after each synchronization, 
unless the synchronization has been disabled before each sending (Contact > Import contacts > Synchronization section). 

To learn more about system groups, see this article.

To learn more about synchronization, see this article.

Filter with a custom field

For filters using a custom field, you must update this field. 

Manual update

If your update concerns a few contacts, you must go to the Contact tab, and Contact page. Click on the green button "Create contact" or modify a contact manually by clicking on it.




Update via contact import

Go to the contact tab and then to the "Contacts Import" page. 

You can import new contacts via your Excel file or edit your existing contacts by exporting and then re-importing your contacts. 

To learn more about importing, see this article

To complete your new text fields, import your file with a column with the text field in question. 

To complete your new checkbox field, import your file with a column corresponding to the field and then indicate on each line : 

1 = Yes 
0 or empty = No 

Each field corresponds to a column in your Excel file. 

Your filter using the custom field in question will automatically update itself by adding the relevant people. You can check the number of filter recipients on the Simple Filter page of the contact tab. 

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