Manage newsletters targets

Each newsletter campaign has a target audience. This target defines the contacts who will receive the newsletters of this campaign.

The campaign target is defined as a combination of basic and complex filters. These filters will be added together by combining the contacts from each filter.

Where to manage the targets?

To add a filter to your target go to "Campaigns" and choose your campaign from the list.  Then click on the "Target" section.


Under the Filters section, select a filter in the drop-down list and click on "Add".


For example: if you have two filters, Donors and Members, by creating a campaign targeting these two filters, all contacts that are Active Members AND/OR Donors will be selected. 

Note that if you want to join a combination of two filters, for example, only Donors and Active Members, you need to create a complex filter


In addition, a contact in more than one filter will only receive the newsletter once, even if they are selected by more than one filter.

If you want to create a campaign that targets all your contacts, use the All contacts filter that is present by default.


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