Change the colours of a newsletter

There are 3 places to modify the colours of a newsletter:

Campaign template styles

In the "Campaigns" tab, choose a campaign and change its style. The changes will affect all newsletters created from this campaign.

Styles of a line

On a template or on a specific newsletter, place your cursor on a line and click on the "Define Line Style" button. 


Zone styles

To change the style of a specific area, click on it. Then choose the "Zone Style" tab. 


Changing the colours of the different elements

Depending on the chosen location, the colours can be changed for different elements: 

  • Exterior background: the background colour outside the newsletter
  • Content background: the background colour of the newsletter
  • Zone background: the background colour of a zone
  • Font: the font of the text
  • Title: the colour of the titles
  • Text: the colour of the texts
  • Link: the colour of a text containing an external link
  • Underline hyperlinks: check box
  • Personalized style

To choose a colour, use the colour selection tool. If you know the HTML code for your colour, you can also enter it in the field provided. 

Once completed, click on "Save".

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