Newsletter template management

Templates are the basic models for all the newsletters that will be created, they are essential and allow you to create campaigns and then newsletters. 

The template is the basic structure of your newsletter. 

Creating a template

To create a custom template, open the Newsletter application. Go to the Templates tab and click on the green "Create Template" button in the blue menu on the left.  


Add a name and a description (optional) and choose between the two types of templates :

Intelligent template 

HTML template


HTML template

With this template, all of the newsletter is managed in a single editor.  

  • Complete control of the source code.


Intelligent template

With this type, the newsletter is divided by zones. Only the content of the zones and some parameters can be modified. 

  • Responsive, displays well on all platforms
  • Much easier to manage for the user
  • Certain constraints (spaces, dimensions, etc)


You can insert as many zones as you want and then configure these zones in the next step. 



Note: The structure of the newsletter can be modified at any time. 

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