Custom fields management

The custom fields in the "Newsletter" application are mainly used to filter contacts. They can also be used to collect additional information about contacts. By default, the only required field is the email address.

Where can I configure custom fields?

Once in the "Newsletter" application, simply go to the "Contacts" tab and then to the left menu "Custom Fields".



Adding a custom field 

To add a field, click on the mceclip1.png button in the left column. In order to help you configure this field, here is an explanation of each item to be configured : 

  • Label: field label
  • Technical name: name used in the database (without spaces or special characters)
  • Type: field type (text, email, date, checkbox, etc.)


Then, click on "Next Step". Other configurations are displayed. 

  • Description: This will be displayed in the list of fields.
  • Required: if checked, the field will be mandatory
  • Visible on the contact's profile: if yes, the field will be displayed on the contact's public profile and can be modified.

Once done, just click on "Add Custom Field". Your new field is now visible in your list of custom fields. 


Editing custom fields

When you are in the "Contact" tab, under the left menu "Custom Fields", it is possible to change the order in which the fields are displayed in the contact's profile. Simply drag the fields in the desired order and click on the  mceclip3.png button in the left menu.


Click on the action icon to edit the field.


Note that it is not possible to modify the technical name (alias) and type of the field. If there is an error in one of these items, you will have to delete the field and redo another one. 

Click on the actions icon to delete a field. The field cannot be deleted if it is already associated with a basic or complex filter.

Native fields cannot be modified or deleted.

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