Add an end of display date to an article

When you write an article for your NPO's website, you can choose to specify an end date for the article. This function allows you to automatically unpublish the article, for example to have only the latest news on your blog or to create an archive section on your site. 

Choose the end date

To indicate the end date of your article, you must first go to the article in question. To do so, go to the Website application, in the "Articles" page and choose the article of your choice (Websites > Articles > End date).

In the article, below the creation date, you have the possibility to set the display end date: 


You can choose a date in the past or in the future. 

Automatically unpublish an article on your NPO website

In order for the article with the end date to automatically unpublish from your site, you must have configured the page that will display the article. In your website, select the page and then the section with the Featured Articles or Multiple Articles module (Websites > Pages > Page to configure > Multiple/featured Articles).

In the "Articles displayed" section of the module, you will be able to specify that only articles that have not yet reached their end date should be published : 


Thus, in this configuration, only articles whose end date has not yet been reached are published on the site. 

By choosing ''Display all articles'', all of your articles, including those with a configured end date, are published on the site. 

By choosing ''Display only the archives'', only articles with a past end date are available on the page.

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