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Allowing your participants to get together in teams can be a motivating incentive for your visitors! Teams enable your participants to come together to collect donations as part of your peer-to-peer campaigns. Each team has a captain, who is responsible for the team. In addition to the Yapla account administrator, the captain can edit the team's profiles and information. Team profiles, its members and amounts collected can be displayed on your website. Here's how to create and manage participant teams.

Creating or joining a team

When someone registers for your peer-to-peer campaign, they access their Participant space. From here, they can access the My Team menu.


From there, they can create a team and become its captain. Or they can join an existing team.

If the participant chooses the second option, they access to the list of teams and select the one they wish to join.


Team management by the Yapla account administrator

From your Dashboard, in the Donations feature, go to the Campaign of your choice.

In the Team section, you have access to several management options.

By clicking on the Team tile, you can create a team manually. This tile also gives you access to existing team files, which you can edit if necessary.

From the Forms tile, you can also edit the form to be filled in by team captains.


To access the list of team participants, select the Team tile and click on Participants.

You can also create new participant profiles yourself, or add an existing participant to a team.

Please note, however, that a participant can only belong to one team.


Team management by the captain

The captain is the only person in the team who can edit information. To do so, they must go to the My Team page.


In addition to modifying general team information, the captain can also :

  • remove a participant from the team (the participant remains an active participant in the peer-to-peer campaign) and
  • assign the role of captain to another member of the team.

It's also worth mentioning that a captain cannot leave the team until a successor has been appointed. Once the title of captain is offered to another member, the former captain no longer has access to team management roles. They become a participating member again. They can then withdraw from the team from their own space.


Going further: adding registration fees

The campaigns you create with Yapla are, by default, free of charge for participants. But you may decide to add registration fees to allow participants to create a team. To find out how, and to display your prices on your site, see our article on Adding registration fees.

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