Partial Payment of an Invoice

Partial payment of a pending bill is very useful to allow your members to pay their membership bill in installments or to allow your participants to split their bill into a few transfers.


First, to access partial payments, you have to enable accrual accounting.

To use partial payments, your transaction must be put on hold and the transaction must come from one of the following applications:

  • Members
  • Events

My first partial payment

Once you've made sure you meet the prerequisites, you can take your first partial payment transaction test.

Start by adding a membership to a test member making sure the transaction is pending payment (waiting for check).


The billing information will be the one that appears on your invoice and it will be the same from one partial payment to another.

You can now return to your awaiting payment membership and proceed to payment by selecting the Available actions button> Proceed to payment


By default, Yapla fills the balance to be paid with the remaining sum so that the invoice changes to paid status


You can edit the balance and insert the amount paid during this partial payment. In this test, let's say the member makes a partial payment of $ 1,000:



In the payment table at the bottom of your membership, you will see that the payment you just made as well as the amount pending payment has been updated:



The bill

The bill remains the same throughout partial payments until the balance is $ 0. The status of the invoice will then be Paid.

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