Add an organization representative

The organization representative is the person who manages the organization. This is usually the person who pays the membership fees and manages the organization's other members. The representative is simultaneously an organization's representative, member, and administrator. 

Creating the representative membership

To add a representative to an organization, they must have an organization membership.

To create an organization membership, go to the Members Application > Settings > Membership Types. Click on Add Membership Type and select the following options:

  • Name: the membership name, which will appear on the form to become a member
  • Membership type: select Organization
  • Members’ membership type: select the membership that will be given to the organization’s members.
  • Maximum number of members: if you would like to set a limit to the number of members, enter the number of additional members allowed.
  • Membership may be renewed by all members: if this box is checked, a member of the organization may renew and pay for the representative's membership.
  • Billing type: depending on your needs, determine if your membership has a floating date or fixed date, is free or has variable pricing, and configure your rates, if necessary.

Adding a representative membership to a member

Once the membership has been created, you must assign the membership to your representative by going to the member details and clicking on the button “Add membership.”


Complete the membership form and billing information and confirm the membership.



You will be taken to a confirmation page confirming that you have assigned a representative membership to your member.

Adding the representative to the organization

Once your member has their organization membership, you can link the member to their organization.

To add the representative to the organization, go to the organization's details and click on the button “Add representative.”



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