Manage recurring monthly donations

Some donors may want to support your association by making regular donations. In this case, you can offer them the opportunity to make donations on a monthly basis. These recurring donations can be made on the first or every fifteenth day of each month. Here's how.

How do I receive monthly donations?

When you begin your campaign creation process, you can offer your donors the choice of making a unique donation, recurring donations, or both.

If you haven't yet created a campaign

Your Yapla Dashboard home page offers you a choice of Quick Actions. Select the Create a donation campaign tile.


You will then be prompted to enter information about the campaign you wish to launch. Indicate the name of your campaign, the amount you wish to raise, and describe what the funds will be used for. Click Next once you've completed all the fields.


It's on this second page that you can select the Recurring Donations option.

Whichever option you choose, you can make any subsequent changes to it via your Donation campaign settings.

Manage your recurring donors' information

At your donor's request, you may need to modify a recurring donation. You can modify the amount of the donation, its frequency, or the donor's information.

To do so, visit your Dashboard. Select the Donations feature in the left-hand column.


Click on Recurring donations. This gives you access to the list of recurring donations. Click on the donation concerned, then on the Management of a recurring donation tile.


Once you've made your changes, don't forget to save them.

Deactivating a recurring donation

Your donors may wish to stop recurring donations. If so, you can deactivate a recurring donation.

From your Dashboard, click on the Donations feature. Then click on Recurring Donations, and choose the donation you wish to modify.


At the top of the page you'll see a small button that says Active. Click on it to deactivate it.

Go further: Can I change the payment details of a recurring donor?

While it is possible to update a recurring donor's information, you cannot change the payment information linked to it. To change the credit card details associated with their account, you need to deactivate the current recurring donation. You can then re-create the donor's profile and integrate the new payment information.

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