Duplicate a membership type

In Yapla, you can create a new membership type very quickly. If you have already configured a membership type, it is possible to duplicate it and all configurations will be copied. You only need to change the sections you are interested in.

Here's how to duplicate a membership. 

Where do I find the duplicate button? 

From the Members feature, select "Settings" and then choose the "Membership Types" page. You now have a list of your memberships. 


How do I duplicate a membership?

At the right of the membership of your choice, click on the gear icon (mceclip0.png) then click on "duplicate" and confirm.

You will be automatically redirected to the membership editor. Change the configurations of your choice.

Don't forget to customize the membership name: by default, Yapla names the new membership in the following format "Copy - Duplicate membership name".

Yapla also puts the membership in inactive mode: change its status to "active" if you want to make the membership available online.


Don't forget to click on mceclip3.png


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