Adding an external link to a Yapla site

It is possible to add in the menu of your Yapla website a link to another site.

This allows you to have an external link directly in your main menu and thus to highlight it particularly. This feature could be very useful if you have a micro-site for a congress.

For example, when we click on the menu tab ''Yapla Help'' in this site, we are redirected to the page which is part of a different website.  


To configure such a page, go to the Website application in Yapla. In the "Pages" menu, click on ''Add a page''. When configuring this new page, simply select ''External page''.

In the ''Page Name'' field, enter the name of the tab you want to display on your site. 
Then in the field ''Page URL'', copy and paste the URL of the external site you want to add.

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