Allow members to modify an object

The use of objects in the "Data" application allows you to independently create a relational database by linking different types of data together.

Before adding an object to the member section of your website, understand how the object field works and create your objects from the "Data" application. 

It is simple to add the object in the member's profile form so that the member can edit it when connected to your website. In order to facilitate the management of objects for the member, add a tab in their Member Section on your website.

Where can I manage members' access to modifying objects?

Go to the "Website" application, then to your website. Click on the Member Section module, used on one of the pages of your website.

Add the object in the member space

In the configuration of the module, go to the section "Activating functions of the member area". Click on mceclip0.png.  

When the window below appears, enter the name of the menu item. The label acts as the title and will be visible in the member space.

Select the "Object Page" option and choose the appropriate object from the object list.


Depending on the selected object, you can choose which fields of the object are displayed on the new page of the member space.

Once saved, the tab is automatically displayed in the member space:


Rules for displaying the object in the member space

The display rules are adapted according to the relationship between the member and the object.  For example, if you decide that a member can have only one object, then a form with the chosen fields will be displayed. On the other hand, if you decide that a member can have more than one object, then a table containing the list of his objects will be displayed. 

Managing multiple objects in the member space

In the member space. By clicking on the "Add" button, the member will be able to add a new object to their folder.

The member can fill in the form directly from their member space. 

You can access all the information provided from the "Data" application of your Yapla account.

You have the possibility to create several object-type menus in your member space. Here are a few examples of uses that might be useful to you:

  • Help requests
  • Purchase of insurance
  • Applications for Accreditation
  • Rental Applications
  • Loan of objects

The Data application allows you to associate status, a workflow and a payment to an object. This function offers great management possibilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use this function to validate membership applications?

No. Avoid using this function to validate membership applications as you must be an active member to access the menu in the secure area. The Member application offers all validation functions.

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