Customize the participant identification step

The identification step allows you to recognize members who register for your events, for example to display options or special rates. You can customize it to make it easier for them to register and to highlight your membership program.  

The identification step of the registration process

The identification step is configured in your event and allows you to : 

  • Identify members (individual or part of a member organization)
  • Propose to become a member for those who are not members


To learn more about configuring the functions of the identification step, see this article

On your website, these configurations will display a so-called identification step, just before the registration form. 


Customize the identification step

You can also create a personalized text to be presented on the identification step.
In this example, we have replaced the default text "Are you a member of the association" with an introduction of our choice:


To do so, simply create an article in the Website application and select it in the "Identification step introduction article" section of the Events Section module.


To see how to display your events on your website and how to configure the Events Section module, consult this article.

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