How to manage participants in a peer-to-peer campaign

Peer-to-peer campaigns enable you to create events in which participants collect donations, on behalf of your association. Yapla lets you manage the participants in your campaigns. This article explains how to add participants manually, or export the list of participants.

View the list of participants

To create a list of participants, you must first activate the Peer-to-peer campaign (P2P) option. This can be found in your campaign's Advanced Functions menu.

Only then does a Participants section appear in your donations campaign. To access this section, from your Yapla Dashboard, go to the Donations feature. Then click on Campaigns.

The screen then displays several options, including a new section at the bottom of the page called Participants. By clicking on the Participants tile, you can view the list of participants.



Add participants manually

Once you've selected the Participants tile, an Add a participant button is available. Click on it to add a participant's information.


Once your participant has been created, their name appears on your site.They can then start receiving donations for your Peer-to-peer campaign.


Export the list of participants

To export the list of participants from one of your campaigns, start by selecting the campaign of your choice. Go to the Donations feature, then click on Campaigns.

From the Participants tile, you can access the Export button at the bottom right of your screen.

export one_EN-CA.jpg

You can also export your entire list of participants, across all campaigns. To do so, simply go to Campaigns from the Donations feature. The button at the top right of the campaigns list indicates Actions available. Click on it to display a drop-down menu, then select Export participants.

export all_EN-CA.jpg

Going further: how to manage teams of participants

Your participants may work together to raise donations. As such, you can offer them the opportunity to form teams made up of several members and a captain. It's a stimulating way to raise funds, and can even be fun. To find out how, we invite you to read our help article: How to manage teams of participants?

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