Make a membership available based on the current membership

Yapla allows you to choose which memberships are available to your members. You can make a type of membership available only to members who already subscribed to a certain membership.

For example, you can define that to purchase membership B, members must first have membership A. In other words, without membership A, members will not be able to take advantage of membership B. 


To see how to make memberships available for renewal only, but for all members, see this article

Note that as an administrator, you can associate any membership with your members.


Why restrict access to a membership?

This feature allows you to create a workflow of memberships, whether it be

  • to retain and thank your members who have a certain membership with a cheaper membership or with more interesting benefits;
  • or to avoid validating renewals and information from your members who already have a current membership. 

How to make a membership available based on the current membership 

In the Members "Settings", click on the "Membership Types" page. Then click on the type of membership of which you want to limit availability.



Once you have chosen the type of membership in question, you are on the general membership type configuration interface.

On this page, scroll down to find the section "Availability of the membership type on your website".



In the Availability section of the membership type on your website, you can define which membership the member must have had before accessing this membership.
To take advantage of the membership we configure, the member must have purchased the membership defined in the section ("Membership A").
Please note that the membership will only be available upon renewal, from the member's member space, and will therefore not be publicly displayed on your website.

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