Cancel a donation

Yapla allows you to receive online donations directly on your site. To see how to set up an online donation campaign, read this guide. Once a donation is received, you can cancel it.

Cancel a donation

In the Donations application, choose the campaign of your choice. Select the "Donations Received" menu.


In the list of donations, select the one of your choice to get to its detail sheet. From this form, click on the "Available actions" button and select "Cancel donation".


Click on "Cancel Donation" and confirm the cancellation. By returning to the list of donations received, the donation is now marked as cancelled.

*Please note, to make this page appear, do not "Edit" the donation, but simply select it from the list.

Adjust the accounting

If you are using the "Accounting" application, it will be adjusted with the reversal. Thus, the donation will no longer be counted in your income.



Contact the donor

You can automate the communication to the donor confirming the cancellation. To configure this communication, go to the donation campaign and choose the "Communications" menu.


Select the "Donation Cancellation" communication from the list. If it does not exist, add a communication and select the "Donation Cancellation" type.



Then customize the language of the communication, the recipient and the subject and content of the communication.

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