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Yapla allows you to create new pages within one of your existing websites. To create an internal page, choose your site from the list in the "Website" application. Then choose the "Pages" tile. 


This tile allows you to view the list of published and unpublished pages of your website as well as create new ones.

Tip: If you plan to have several pages with the same template, we advise you to use master pages.


Create a new page

To create a web page, start by pressing mceclip1.png . You must then name your page.


The "Advanced parameters" section allows you to decide the type of page you want to create. To create a regular web page, configured according to your needs using modules, choose the "Internal page" option. 

The "Page separator" option allows you to add a non-clickable tab in the menu of your website. This can be useful to organize your pages in your menu.

The "External Link" option allows you to add a link to an external website.


Once you have made your choice, you can choose the URL of your page. By default, Yapla displays the initial name of the page, but it is possible to change the URL at any time.

Then, you can configure the access to your page. By default, the page is displayed in your menu, but you can also choose not to display it. This option can be changed at any time.

Finally, you can choose to restrict access to the page to logged-in members by selecting the option.

If you have several master pages, you can choose the one to which you want to link your page. It is also possible to not link your page to a master page by unchecking the option.


Then click on mceclip5.png. Your page is now displayed in the list of pages.


Changing the configuration of a page

Once your page is created, change its configuration by selecting the "Configuration" tab.

In the "Configuration" sub-menu, you can rename your page at any time and choose whether it is published, accessible by members only or simply absent from the menu. 


Changing the structure of a page

You can also view and modify the structure of a page in the sub tab "Structure" of your page.


If you wish to change the structure you had previously set up, click on.


You can configure the structure of your page by pressing the arrows to change the separations of a line, insert and delete lines where you want. You will be able to change the structure of your page at any time.

Configure the modules of your page

You can configure an area of your page by clicking on it. In the menu that appears you can name your area.

To insert a module, choose the application and the module from the drop-down list.


Fill in the other options according to the type of module and your preferences and click on  mceclip10.png.

Your page is now created and configured!

Now, if you want to customize the look of your page, check out our online help article to learn more about it.

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