Management of communication's target recipients

When setting up an automatic communication, Yapla allows you to specify a target, i.e. those who will receive communication. Targets vary by application, but there are two general categories: your contacts (participants, members, donors, etc...) and Yapla administrators (platform users). The latter allows you to create a notification, for example, when a new member joins or registers for an event.

Put an administrator in copy of a Yapla communication sent to a member, participant or donor

When you configure the target of your communication, you have the possibility to add the administrators as a copy. You have three options: 


Send a copy to all administrators of the account with the native "Administrator" role

The Yapla platform allows you to define users with different user rights. Selecting this option would send a copy of the communication to all "Administrators" account. To learn more about roles, read this article
At Takeoff and Flight, notifications are sent to all users in the Yapla account.

Send a copy to all specified administrators

When an account has several administrators, it is possible to designate a specific administrator to whom to send the copy.

Send a copy to the administrators in the group below

The Group function allows you to define a set of contacts (members, participants, donors, etc.) or activities (types of membership, category of events) according to a theme of your choice. You can use this function to create a personalized group of users. Selecting this function allows you to copy only the administrators concerned by the communication.
To see how to create custom groups, see this article
This option is available with the Orbit plan.

Send a copy to the administrators associated with membership type groups

As mentioned above, you can associate groups with items, such as membership types. By selecting this option, the administrators of the same group as the membership type will be automatically included in the receivers.
This option is available with the Orbit plan.

Send a communication only to administrators

If you don't want to copy a communication to an external contact, but want to create a communication directly to the administrator, simply uncheck the corresponding box. In the case of the screenshot presented above, the 'Members' box was unchecked.

Send a communication to a specific person

This function allows you to send the communication, in copy or single, to an external person who is not a Yapla user. For example, a renewal notification could be sent to a volunteer or external collaborator. 
This option is available with the Orbit plan.

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