Why use the Contacts application?

Yapla is an all-in-one management platform for associations: the goal is to lower management costs and automate tasks by grouping all data and tools in a single platform. Yapla includes one tool for each type of task: the Members application allows you to manage the database of members, their memberships, membership reminders, the Donations application allows you to manage the donor database, collect donations online, automatically send tax receipts...

You can learn more about each application here.

Consolidate all your contacts, hassle-free 

Associations often have multiple activities in parallel: their membership program, events, publications ... This is why they have many contacts, each of them of a different type, and with whom they have a unique relationship. Thus, it is not uncommon to find contacts who are, for example, donors, organizers of a P2P campaign and also customers, if they have purchased a product or service provided by the association. Unlike traditional CRM, the Contacts application makes it easy to view all contacts and the nature of the relationship with them. In fact, the application automatically synchronizes with other Yapla applications to create a complete and always up-to-date repository of all contacts, regardless of their status. This saves you from having to maintain a list of contacts manually and avoids duplicates. In summary, the Contacts application is an "extended relationship manager". 

Create a custom database, custom forms with or without online payment, and much more!

The Contacts application also allows you to create custom databases. This means that if you can't find the Yapla application you need, you can configure a custom application yourself to manage the data of your choice: you can modulate it according to your needs, without having to make custom developments (and thus save the associated expenses!). 

It is possible to configure workflows and statuses, forms, automatic communications or even receive payments online.

Examples of how to use the Yapla Contacts feature

Here are some examples of how you can use Yapla's Contacts application :

  • Are you a charity? With the Contacts application you can create an online form to recruit volunteers and send a personalized thank you email automatically.

The Contacts application allows you to create the custom database and generate the online forms needed to store the data associated with volunteers and to recruit them online. You can manage all people who are not Members, Participants or Donors. 

  • Are you a professional association? For example, you can sell online space for exhibitors at an event and send an invoice automatically.
    With the Contacts application you can create online payment forms that will allow you to sell the items of your choice to people who are not Members, Participants or Donors.
  • Are you a sports association? You will be able to rent or sell equipment online.
    If you rent or sell equipment (or any other item) outside of your membership process or events, the Contacts application is for you!

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