Offering family memberships

In addition to individual memberships, Yapla allows you to manage group memberships, whether for organizations or families. A family membership allows multiple members from the same family to become a member of your organization with a single payment.

Activating families

Family memberships are not activated by default when you create your account. To activate them, go into the Settings of the Members application.


In the Advanced functions tab, check the box Group multiple members under the same membership, then select the option Manage families.

Creating memberships

There are two types of memberships necessary for families:

  • A family representative: this is the person who manages the membership. The family representative is usually the person who pays the membership fees and manages other family members.
  • Family member: the other members of the family. This membership is free and will expire at the same time as the representative's membership. Only the representative may add members with this membership.

Choose the type of membership in Members > Settings > Membership types > Membership type. You must create two different types of memberships.

Family representative

To create a Family Representative membership, select the following options:

  • Name: the membership name, which will appear on the form to become a member
  • Membership type: select Family representative
  • Members’ membership type: select the membership that will be given to family members.
  • Maximum number of people: if you would like to set a limit to the number of members, enter the number of additional members allowed.
  • Membership may be renewed by all members: if this box is checked, any family member may renew and pay for the representative's membership.
  • Billing type: depending on your needs, determine if your membership has a floating date or fixed date, is free or has variable pricing, and configure your rates, if necessary.


Family member

To create this membership, simply give it a name and select the type Family member. Family Member memberships do not have prices or a specific duration as the duration is directly dependent on the representative's membership.

To ensure that family members have the same mailing address as their representative, check the box Apply the representative's mailing address for all family members.

Registering a family on the website

When a member chooses the Family Representative membership type on the registration or renewal form, the Family step will appear. This step allows you to gather basic information such as the family name and contact information.


All family forms can be configured in the menu Families > Settings in the Members application.

Once the membership has been confirmed, the member will have access to the My family section in their profile. Members can modify their family's information in this section and add additional members.

Managing families in administrator mode

Families are found in the Families section in the Members application. 


This section allows you to view the list of existing families. When you select a family, you can modify its information, change the representative (the person responsible for renewing the membership), add one or more members, and manage the family administrators (the people who can modify the family's information).

Important: A representative membership is not necessary to be an administrator.

On Yapla, families work the same way as organizations. To learn more, see the section on organization management.

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