Automatic creation of the organization at the time of registration

Organizations can be created manually through the Yapla back office but can also be created automatically when members register. The configuration will then depend on the type of membership selected.

Individual Type

With Individual memberships, it is possible to automatically create an organization when a member registers. In the membership configuration, select the field that will be used to create the name of the organization. Both native and custom fields can be used.


Afterwards, the administrator will be able to add members with memberships that have the option "Visible by organization administrators" enabled and make the payment for them. There is no limit to the maximum number of members of an organization managed by an Individual membership.

Representative and Delegate Types

Representative memberships are linked to Delegate memberships and allow for some additional configurations.


When registering, the representative will have an additional tab, Organization, allowing him/her to fill in the details of his/her organization.


Following his registration, they will be able to add delegates, who will have the type of membership selected in the membership configurations.

Since Delegate memberships do not have a membership fee, Representative memberships usually have a higher fee to include the number of additional members. Unlike Individual memberships, it is possible to set a limit on the number of delegates that can be added to the organization.

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