Automatically synchronize a newsletter's recipients.

Yapla automatically synchronizes your members, participants, donors and other contacts with your newsletters through the Contacts application.

This application saves you time because you don't have to update the recipients of your newsletters anymore!

How synchronization works 

To take advantage of the automatic update of your recipients, you must first make sure to enable synchronization between the different applications and Contacts. 

This synchronization is automatically activated but you can check by consulting our online help article.

Enable automatic synchronization 

To ensure synchronization between the Contacts and Newsletter applications, go to the "Contacts > Contacts Import" page in the Newsletter application. 


Automatic synchronization is enabled by default, so all contacts collected in the Contacts application are automatically added to your recipient list before each mailing.

If you have never synchronized your contacts before, you can use manual synchronization to update your recipient list.  

Using manual synchronization

The mceclip1.png button allows you to force the update; it gathers new contacts from the Contacts application and adds them to the recipient list. This feature makes it possible to update the repository with one click, independently of sending a newsletter.

The system identifies each contact by their email address, so there is no risk of duplication for the same email. 

Synchronized information and mailing lists 

The system automatically retrieves contact information: first name, last name, email and language are added during synchronization.

If a contact is updated in a Yapla application, for example, his first name is changed in his member profile, the information will be updated in his recipient profile during synchronization. 

If you have created filters with fields other than the synchronized ones, (for example country), import your recipient list and update the missing fields to make sure that the new contacts will be associated with the right campaign.

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