Use the article creation tool

Yapla allows you to create articles and integrate them into your website. Before you can publish articles on the different pages of your website, they must be created in the Articles section.

In the Website application, go to the "Articles" page.


Before you can create articles, you need to create article categories that will allow you to organize your articles and filter them in certain modules of your web pages.

After you have created your categories, return to "Articles" and click on mceclip1.png.



First fill in all the fields in the general information section.

For its category, select the category you created previously for this article. 

Optionally, you can also associate it with one or more keywords, custom groups, enter the name of its author, and choose an end date for posting The keywords, can for example allow you to highlight your articles when searching in certain modules of the website application.

An image can also accompany your article. It is also this image that will be used as a thumbnail in the list of article previews.

You can then write an introduction that will appear on the preview of your article. 

The complete article must be written in the second text box that is provided for this purpose.



In this tab, it will be possible to enter the publication information such as the author's name or the date of creation of the article.


Finally, you can optimize the referencing of your article by filling in the data dedicated to SEO :


Finally, it is possible to associate some of your documents that can be downloaded by visitors to your website from the article itself.


Your article is now created, just click on "Save".

Your article can be published on the website using the Single Article, Featured Articles, Multiple Articles or Slider modules.

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