Sell ticket to your members

Ticket allow your members to purchase prepaid tickets to your events at the same time as they register or renew their membership. The amount and quantity of tickets in a book are determined by you in administration and will be valid until the end of the membership.

Activate the ticket book function

In order to activate the ticket book management, go to the menu "Members/Settings/Settings" and check "Offer ticket books when purchasing a membership".


Create ticket books

The first step is to create the tickets you want to sell on your site. From the "Members/Settings/Memberships" menu, click on the "Tickets" tab, and then click Add tickets.


Fill out the form with the following information :

  • Name - The name of your ticket package (example "Book of 10 tickets")
  • Description - Optional. A description that will be displayed in the member form. You can use this field to give more details to your members.
  • Number of tickets - Number of tickets included (minimum 1)
  • Fixed price / Price per ticket - the value of one ticket. The price will always be the same regardless of when the booklet is purchased.
  • Variable price - the price will vary depending on the time of year. Click Add to add as many amounts as you wish.
  • Accounting - indicate the income account and taxes, if necessary. You can also choose the project and taxes, if applicable.

Activate tickets in your membership

Once you have created your tickets, all you have to do is associate them with your memberships. You can sell the tickets with all your memberships, or only with a few. 

Open a specific membership type from the "Membership types" menu, and then open the "Tickets" submenu.
(Members > Settings > Membership Types > specific membership > Tickets)



Click on mceclip3.png to add a booklet to this membership type. Alternatively, you can return to the Create Ticket page by clicking "Create tickets".

For each booklet added to your membership, you can determine its behavior for new members (1st membership) and for renewing members. 

  • Not applicable - the booklet will not be offered to the member.
  • Mandatory - the booklet will be automatically added to the membership, without the possibility to remove it.
  • Optional - the member can choose to purchase the booklet himself or herself.

The validity of the booklet will be the same as the membership in which the booklet was purchased.


You can add multiple ticket books for the same type of membership. Simply press mceclip3.png again and configure the second booklet according to your preferences. 

If you have multiple booklets associated with the same type of membership, you can choose which selection rule will apply. You can choose to have no rules, to require members with this type of membership to choose an option, or to limit the choice to one ticket.



Don't forget to click on mceclip6.png when you are finished.

This way, when one of your members has prepaid tickets, they have the option to use them as a means of payment.

Manage a member's tickets

Once a member has purchased a ticket book, you will have access to the usage history of the book and you will be able to manually modify the remaining quantity in their profile.

View ticket usage for a specific membership in the "Ticket" menu for a specific membership.



You can view the different ticket books purchased by your member on this page. By clicking on a specific book, you can access the ticket details.


To change the quantity of tickets remaining, click on the Adjustment button. Enter the number of tickets to be added or withdrawn in this member's book.


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