How member directories work

Yapla offers many applications to allow you to efficiently manage your members' directory.

Simplified version - Member Area

There is a simplified version of the directory in the Members Section module that allows you to add a link in the left menu.


This function does not allow you to modify the fields of the search or to modify the columns of the table of search results. It is however possible to select the form of the member's record.

Note: Organization management is not integrated with this simplified directory.

Advanced version - Member directory module

The Member Directory module offers dozens of configuration options to better meet your needs.


The module allows to, among others :

  • Configure the search fields;
  • Define the number of columns in the search engine;
  • Define the number of columns of the search result table;
  • Control the number of rows in the search result;
  • Hide the empty fields in the detail sheets;
  • Search by services, sectors and customers;
  • Include inactive members;
  • Include inactive organizations;
  • Filter by membership type;
  • Filter by services offered;
  • Activate the Organizations and/or Members tab;
  • Display the search result on the tabs;
  • Limit the maximum number of search results on the tabs;
  • Restrict access to connected members for any of the tabs;
  • Limit full access to the directory to connected members (private directory).


For a Chamber of Commerce, use the Restrict Access to Members feature only for the "Members" tab. Visitors will be able to see the list of organizations but will only see the number of members without being able to consult the list... This may be a good reason for them to become a member?

For professional associations, allow your visitors to easily find the members of your organization by configuring an advanced search engine. Your members will appreciate being able to generate business on their association's site.

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