Receive payments with Yapla

How do I receive payments? 

You have nothing to do in order to start receiving your first online payments with Yapla. Just choose one of the three options, Sell tickets, Manage members or Receive donations, to activate a payment webpage. However, you must authenticate your account in order to deposit the money collected with Yapla into your bank account. As soon as you receive your first payment, the authentication instructions will appear on your dashboard.

Can I use a platform outside of Yapla to receive payments by credit card?

It is not possible to use an external platform to receive payments with Yapla.

Can I use PayPal to receive payments?

It is not possible to use PayPal with Yapla.

How do I offer different payment methods?

Yapla allows you to receive payments by credit card, cheque, and cash.

How do I manage the payment methods?

From the left-hand menu, click on Accounting > Settings.

Select the tile Payment methods.


You will then see the different payment methods available in your plan.


The Order column allows you to choose the order in which the payment methods are displayed on your website.

The Website and Administration columns allow you to remove payment methods in the different environments. Choose the payment methods available to your clients on your web pages in the Website column. The Administration column controls the payment methods in Yapla. 

What does a payment form look like on my website?

This is what visitors to your website will see on your payment pages.


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