Create a FAQ section

Yapla allows you to easily create a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section on your website using the "Multiple Articles" module.

Create articles

In the "Settings" of the Website application, create a category that will group all the articles in the FAQ section. 


Then, write your articles by associating them with your FAQ category. Write one article per question. Enter the question as the title and the answer in the content of the article. 



Display the FAQ section on the web page

Once all your articles are created and categorized, configure the module on your website.

In the Website application, select the page that will contain the FAQ section. 

 Click on an area, select the "Website" application and the "Multiple Articles" module ; then, enter the title of your section.


Graphical interface section

Once the "Multiple Articles" module is selected, Yapla will offer you in the "Graphic Interface" section several ways to display your content: Accordion, Blog, News List on the left or right or Mosaic.

The "Accordion" mode is perfect for managing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). It allows you to display your articles dynamically on one page. 


You can choose to display the articles on the page by opening all the content, or by displaying only the titles of the articles. In our example, we keep the articles hidden by default and show only the titles. This way, the user will choose which article to read by clicking on its title.

If you add an introduction to an article, it will appear under the title of the article even when it is closed.


You can also choose the number of articles to display on the page and the order in which your articles are displayed:

  • Creation date (oldest to newest)
  • Date of creation in descending order (from the most recent to the oldest)
  • Alphabetical order (from A to Z)
  • Alphabetical in descending order (from Z to A)

Note that if you have more items than the number indicated, the items exceeding the limit will be ignored and will not be displayed in the order you have chosen. 


Displayed Items Section

In the "Articles Displayed" section, you can filter the articles to be displayed on the page by choosing the category and/or keywords of the previously written articles.


In the example above, we chose our FAQ category created earlier.

Search functions section

Finally, you can choose to display two search engines :

  • Filter by category
  • Filter by keywords

This presentation can be useful when you have long articles on the same page or when you need to manage a FAQ with a large number of questions/answers.

Divide the FAQ section into several columns 

If you want to display your questions/answers in several columns, you have to divide your articles into multiple categories. 


Then, you just have to modify the structure of your web page containing the FAQ section in order to have a line divided into several zones. 


Finally, configure your two zones with the "Multiple Articles" module in the same way as previously described. Select the right category for each side.

*Tip: if you have already configured your module on a 100% zone, don't delete it! Simply use the Moving modules mode:




Once your two modules are configured, your FAQ section will appear in several columns on your site: 


*When you have multiple columns, insert the title in a separate Custom Content module if you want your columns to be aligned. 


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